The FORCE team has been spreading the stoke in the low country since 2012. Our professional team is excited to help with your new journey into kiteboarding, kitefoiling, or wingfoiling. Book your lesson with us and ride with FORCE! 


Private kite lessons are the most effective way to learn kiteboarding. Our professional coaches will guide and tailor your progression as needed. Whether it's your first time flying a kite, or you're working on your first transitions, we are here to help you reach your goal. Get on the schedule today!

PRICE: $600 (Half Day)

What comes with the lesson:
        - Experienced kite coach
        - Watercraft supported teaching
        - Best and newest gear available
        - Access to ideal spots for learning away from crowds


We at FORCE are excited to start our wing program here in Charleston, South Carolina. The journey to wingfoiling can be exhilarating, yet challenging, but we have broken it all down so you can learn all the necessary skills and progress as fast as possible.
You don't need to have any prior experience. Our beginner wing handling lesson is the foundation course for wingfoiling. This lesson will teach you how to handle the wing, how to get power from the wing, and how the wing behaves on the water with a SUP. 

PRIVATE: $300 (2HR)
SEMI-PRIVATE (2 Students): $500 (2HR)

What comes with the lesson:
        - Experienced wing coach
        - Best and newest gear available
        - Access to ideal spots for learning away from crowd


Thanks to the electric foils from Lift, getting on a magic carpet has never been easier. The Lift eFoil is the best way to learn and experience foiling for the first time. With some guidance from your instructor, anyone can be up and riding after the first hour of the lesson. 

PRICE: $300 (2HR)