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Liquid Force NV

Liquid Force NV wins two years in a roll the Triple S invitational. Performance kite and extraordinary ridder Brandon Scheid. Explosive combination that set new standard in competition performance. The redesigned Liquid Force Nv V9 is fast stable and a great wing range. See more here.


Competitions are never easy, that's actually the nature of them.  It's all about who can put down the best run, do the best trick, link the best line, or perform the best on a given day.  It takes a special kind of person to be a good competitor.  You have to perform at a high enough level physically, while simultaneously being able to handle the stress and ups and downs of competition mentally.  It's demanding nature is why most sports will have "freeriders" and competition riders.  It takes a special person to really be able to step up and perform on command.  With all the mental and physical tax, the last thing a rider wants to worry about is their gear.  They want something predictable and reliable, gear that is so comfortable that they can push the limits of their performance.  This years Wind Voyager Triple S was no exception to this.  The riders that excelled in competition were those that performed well physically and mentally, and were able to keep their head in the game from start to finish.  Take Rami Gallart for example, he lost the first round, sending him into the last chance qualifiers.  During the first park sequence he was middle of the pack at 5th, qualifying spots were the top three.  Needless to say he really needed to step it up if he wanted to make the final.  He kept focused, and was able to make up the points on the last feature bumping him up to the top qualifying spot.  Rami then rode this wave of excitement all the way to a 4th place finish in the final, besting some of the worlds best kiteboarders.  We are so proud of our talented group of team riders, they were able to secure three of the top five spots on the podium in the mens division.  Additionally, Sensi was able to make it into the women's final and showcase a high level of riding given the nuclear 6m conditions they competed in.   We couldn't ask for any more out of our stellar athletes!

Congratulations Liquid Force and Brandon for an amazing kite.

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