2016 Mystic Warrior LEN10 Waist Harness

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The Len10 version of the Mystic Warrior Harness offers extreme comfort and support. If the name Ruben Lenten doesn't mean anything to you, perhaps you can tell us about the kiteboarding scene in your galaxy.  Here in the Milky Way...

The Len10 version of the Mystic Warrior Harness offers extreme comfort and support. If the name Ruben Lenten doesn't mean anything to you, perhaps you can tell us about the kiteboarding scene in your galaxy.  Here in the Milky Way and specifically on the planet Earth, Ruben is synonymous with extreme.  Based on the Mystic Warrior Harness, the LEN10 Warrior Harness has been pimped a la Ruben.  The collaboration between Mystic and Ruben works like this; Ruben knows what he wants, and Mystic knows how to build it.  Any questions?  

Covered side parts

The side parts of the harness are covered to prevent unwanted releases. The covering also provides a place for the remaining webbing strap to fold into.

Soft neoprene edges

The edges of the harness are made of folded neoprene. The double neoprene ensures high comfort and prevents any discomfort from the stiffer parts of the harness.

Multi spreader bar 3.0 – low torque

The low torque fixation is specially designed by Mystic to prevent the spreader bar from any upward rotation. The low torque fixation is integrated into the side of the spreader bar. The combination with the clicker bar system makes it the fastest quick release system on the market. With the clicker bar, it does just take one click, and you are ready to ride! The clicker bar system is designed to withstand everything the extreme conditions can throw at it.
Knife included

The Mystic safety knife is a small metal knife. The double blade construction makes it easy to cut your lines when it is necessary

Mystic Philosophy:
Mystic’s harness philosophy is clear. Based on up to date analysis they set their goals on excellent freedom of movement and harness construction. To ensure ‘comfort’ is the fundament on which their Kinetic Technology is built.

Analyses of forces and movements play the main role in Mystic design philosophy, and the results are an essential contribution to their designs. The information to come up with progressive designs on Harness construction, freedom of movement and load distribution and use of team riders to monitor the constant development in the sport, allows them to be ahead of the game!

The all-new Mystic Warrior LEN10 Harness has a new interior. New structure and material give the harness the comfort for riding overpowered and the flexibility for new school tricks. With handle-pass quick release leash, it's the perfect "Wake Style" Harness.


Human Kinetic Technology System: Analysis of kite forces, joint movements, load distribution, harness constructions, and materials has combined findings into fully redeveloped radical harness designs.
H-flex Force Frame: The ‘H’ in this force frame is formed by 3 Fiberglass battens. 2 slightly angled vertical ones and one horizontal. The vertical battens ensure a perfect harness shape and thus good load distribution during hooked sessions. When you ‘pop’ unhooked tricks the vertical battens ‘flex’ around the axis of the horizontal batten adding comfort. The horizontal batten also keeps the backside of the harness stiff when there’s load on your handle pass leash. So when you crash you’ll be still ‘in’ your harness rather than squeezed ‘in between’ your harness. A thicker but more flexible plastic
plate forms the base of the force frame. Altogether, freedom of movement, comfort, and load distribution are set to a higher level.
System Down System"Waist": Locks the spreader bar down, giving you more control while performing your maneuvers. In high kite positions, the system activates a side-to-side force chain preventing the harness from riding up.
3D Anatomical Back Support: With the newly invented 3D Back Support, Mystic is technically steps ahead of the competition. The anatomically preformed nylon back support is positioned inside the back panel of the waist harness and gives the waist harness a contoured shape in horizontal and vertical directions. The back support is connected through the continuous 40mm webbing of the spreader bar. The spread of forces is divided by the 360° effect which gives maximum comfort, support and fit without losing any feel. The continued strap is attached to the back support from one side to the other side of the harness (360° effect). When hooked in and riding, the tension on the spreader bar will be spread over the back support which gives maximum comfort.
Kinetic Back Support KM3: Combing the advantages of Thermo-molding and neoprene, the mold is fitted with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body.
Flex Edge: While grabbing your board and tweaking out your tricks the ribs can encounter the harnesses edge. The sides of the harness are now more flexible on points where the load distribution allows it.
Handle Pass System Fix including Spinning Buckle: As standard on Warrior kite harnesses is a Handle Pass System with a PU tube and strong rope connected to a leash ring on one side. On the other side, there’s a new quick release mechanism connected to the spreader bar. With the handle pass leash connected around the PU tube, you can dump the kite in case of emergency by releasing the Handle Pass System. Complete with spinning buckle.
Double Power Leash Ring: Gives you the ability to split the force on the leash rings in half while the ring itself secured to the strongest part of the harness.
Battle Belt Waist Closure
Soft Neoprene EdgesKite Spreader bar with protector cover
3D Thermo Moulded Foam Interior and Exterior: By using the process of Thermo-molding Mystic are able to add characteristics we needed for comfort and looks.
Quick release Clickerbar: 100% Safe and Easy to Use. Mystic's patent pending Clicker Bar is super safe and so easy to use, you can get out on the water even faster. Just as the seatbelt in your car, you can hear the loud click, which gives you the confidence that it is secure.