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2018 Liquid Force Wow 7m kite used

Original price $425.00 - Original price $425.00
Original price $425.00
$425.00 - $425.00
Current price $425.00

2018 Liquid Force Wow 7m kite used. Like New condition. No repairs or damage.

The V3 for 2018 has undergone quite a few changes, the goal of which was to make the kite lighter, faster and give it a more dynamic turn.

The bridle has been changed, it’s a simpler layout now with connection points drawing further back along the leading edge. This reduces the weight at the very front of the kite and helps airflow in the middle section where power is generated. The trailing edge profile has been changed too, the rear wing tips are now effectively further back than before to increase the turning speed of the kite.

Depower range has also been increased, thanks to the updated bridle you can now dump more power, faster. The leading edge also sweeps into the wingtips a little more this year with less of an angular feel, again helping with turning speed. The leading edge diameter is again really thin, further reducing weight, and the kite itself, while reinforced, is very lightweight overall.