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2021 Airush Ride Control Bar

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Original price $489.00
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Size: 50cm

Airush Ride V1 Bar is Airush's economic control bar. The cheaper price does not mean the bar is slouching with the build quality. The bar still has the same Airush IQR safety quick release as all their other bars. The Ride comes in two fixed sizes, 50cm and 60cm. A rider who enjoys a simple design would love this bar without burning a hole in their wallet. 

Key Features:

Reliable & easy to use control system.
Cleat trim system with adjustable throw.
Compatible with all 4-line Airush kites.
Lines are 23m in length (14m + 9m).

Simplicity without compromising quality; the Ride Bar is the ideal companion. An easy to use, reliable Aero cleat depower system with a tool-less position adjustment allows for the bar to be quickly and simply set up for riders with shorter reach. The durable EVA-injected bar ends are flexible for an overall better kite response and bar float. Paired with any 4-line kite, the 23m flying lines, Airush IQR, and one-handed release and reset system complies with IKO and BKSA teaching standards with the Low-Y on the center lines, allowing for a quick single line flag out.


The Ride bar has a new leash ring with an oversized connection hole and a new leash that has been greatly simplified to go along with this particular bar system.

Moving up from the IQR, the Ride bar features dual depower main lines with no PU covering. This has been chosen to allow a length of throw adjustment, without tools, using this industry-standard clam-cleat aerocleat fitting. The uncovered main lines also allow for very quick and cost-effective depower mainline replacements when required. These depower main lines go through a new center fitting made of stainless steel with a much larger cut out for the lines to run through. This allows for much easier articulation and sheeting with these new bars. The Ride bar is a fixed length bar, available in two lengths: 50 centimeters and 60 centimeters.

The Ride bar features new EVA bar ends with a 20 increase in floatation. There’s also much more adjustment available for the rear line leaders under these new EVA bar ends.

The Ride bar also features a new, power bracket, which integrates not only the stopper or the front line and your landing line but also the pulley required for use with the cleat. And finally, there’s a new simplified pull system on the cleat to make this a very simple, very cost-effective solution for a bar.