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2023 Duotone Entity Ergo Foot Strap Binding

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Original price $264.00
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Original price $264.00
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Current price $184.80
Size: M

A Duotone Kiteboard binding is a specialized device used to attach a rider's feet to a kiteboard. The bindings typically consist of two main components: a foot strap and a baseplate. The foot strap is usually adjustable and can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes and types of boots and shoes. The baseplate is usually made of metal and is designed to securely attach the foot strap to the kiteboard. Some bindings also come with additional features such as a toe cap and adjustable straps for a more secure fit. The Ergo Footstrap binding is an example of a high-performance binding that is designed to provide maximum comfort and control while riding. The binding features an ergonomic design that improves the rider's connection to the board and offers superior control and power. It also includes an adjustable toe-cap and straps to further enhance the rider's connection to the board.

Size Chart in shoe size
S = 32 to 38  | M = 38 to 42 | L = 42 to 44 | XL = 44 to 47 

The Duotone kiteboarding strap binding set comes with a board handle. 

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