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2023 Duotone Rebel SLS Kite

Original price $1,850.00 - Original price $2,490.00
Original price $1,850.00
$1,850.00 - $2,490.00
Current price $1,850.00
Size: 7m

The 2023 Duotone's Rebel SLS blew our straps off the first time we were able to ride one. The lighter and stronger SLS construction offers a huge performance boost, allowing the kite to fly in lighter winds and therefore have more power and response than any other standard dacron kite. With small tweaks to the shape and the addition of thinner FLITE99 bridle lines, the 2023 Duotone Rebel SLS is more responsive and efficient than ever. Duotone's SLS and D/Lab kites consistently blow us away and impress us with their near-perfect canopy profiles. Minimal wrinkles in the canopy allow for more efficient airflow, which gives you an overall more efficient kite.

The 2023 Duotone Rebel shape is designed to give you the most out of your riding experience.

The SLS construction allows for a more direct transfer of energy from the rider to the board, giving you a quicker and more responsive ride. The Rebel SLS also features a unique flex pattern that gives it a unique and responsive ride, perfect for carving and slashing waves. The board also offers plenty of grip and control, allowing you to take on any wave with confidence. Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just starting out, the Rebel SLS is the perfect board to get you out on the water and shredding in no time.

No matter how you choose to ride, the Duoptone Rebel SLS has a well-deserved legendary status! Easy to jump, with huge hangtime, now even a kite looping machine and a big air monster, a favorite of our pro riders for boosting to the moon and winning in Big Air competitions.

The new Rebel SLS is here to redefine the expectations of big air and high-performance freeride kiteboarders across the globe. The heritage of the Rebel is second to none, but this year the new Penta TX frame combined with Trinity TX will change the way you think about freeriding and boosting. The new materials combined with an updated design and the Flex Struts make the kite incredibly dynamic; the low weight supercharges the kite's handling and allows it to develop even more power. In light winds, the difference is remarkable, and the larger sizes will offer unrivaled jumping and hangtime, when the wind is at the lower end of the scale. As the wind increases, the jumps get bigger, and the take-off becomes even more impressive. The acceleration into the air after you release the edge will have you pulling more G's than Yuri Gagarin, and the hangtime will leave you breathless. There are several tuning options on the kite, allowing you to dial in the bar pressure and turning speed to suit your riding style. You can also ride the Rebel SLS in the four or five-line configuration; the fifth line is available as an accessory. The new materials, lighter weight and incredibly dynamic handling combine to create one of the most exhilarating rides on the market. As soon as you start flying the Rebel SLS, you will instantly feel the power and performance at your fingertips. All you have to do is load up the edge of the board and get ready to send it to the moon!