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2023 North Carve 9m Kite Used

Original price $825.00 - Original price $825.00
Original price $825.00
$825.00 - $825.00
Current price $825.00

2023 North Carve 9m Kite Used Red in new condition. Demo kite only used a handfull of times.

The North Carve 2023 has been completely redesigned and now offers you even more drift, tighter turns and direct feel - even if you have pushed the bar completely out while riding the wave. Due to adjustments in the shape, new materials and a new trailing edge, the new North Carve 2023 is lighter, allows you to control more directly and finely and gives you a softer and more fluid feeling on the bar. This is perfect for wave specialists and newcomers as well. Strapless freestyle riders will also get their money's worth with the new Carve 2023 kite!

The North Carve 2023 also uses North's N-Dure Dacron material, which is lighter than ordinary Dacron. Also, lighter bladders were installed on all kites. You notice that in all sizes, but especially in the larger sizes. In addition, the trailing edge was renewed and a cloth doubling was used to strengthen the edge. This saves weight and improves steering behavior. The North Carve 2023 now steers into turns more directly and fluidly, so you can always position the kite where you want it to be. In addition, some of the bar pressure was re-adjusted, which makes the kite feel lighter and drifts even better.

Whether wave rider, strapless freestyle or young, very light kiter on the twin tip - the North Carve 2023 has been significantly further developed and offers you better performance than ever before!


  • Waves | Strapless freestyle
  • new: N-Dure Dacron
  • new: lighter bladders
  • 3 strut construction
  • Four lines
  • Good depower
  • Extremely fast relaunch
  • more drift
  • Direct control feeling without resistance
  • less bar pressure
  • One pump system