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Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid Kite Foil Complete Set

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Front Wing: 950
The new redesigned Cabrinha foil impressed us this past year. The x-series foil design is such an easy foil to ride. Don't let the simplicity fool you. It is still can carry speed when you want it, and easy to turn and surf. The kite foil setup with your choice of 950 or 1300 foil front wing, and complete with 90cm mast. No hassle of building your foil for you. We build this package to cater to your need. 

Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid Kite Foil package

Front wing

  • 950 dedicated Kite foil font wing
  • 1300 all-round kite foil front wing, or high wind wing foil

What is included in the set?

  • Cabrinha X-series Front wing 950 or 1300
  • Cabrinha X-series Stabalizer xs220
  • Cabrinha aluminum 90cm mast
  • Cabrinha aluminum collar
  • Fuselage aluminum 346mm
  • foil, and mast cover
  • hardware
Cabrinha Fusion Hybrid Foil Set Complete

Not quite the setup you are looking for? Please call FORCE at 1-834-329-3004 for your custom order

From Cabrinha:       

The all new Fusion ecosystem sets a new benchmark in Cabrinha's foil design & manufacturing capabilities. Performance & function is at the heart of the design process.

Each Individual part has been redesigned on both component and connection level with an option to interchange any part in the system.  This effortlessly simple system puts complete customization in your hands and the new X: Series Wing options will open the door to progression on whatever craft you choose to use them with. We proudly invite you to build your dream ride...

The Fusion Hybrid is an efficient blend of premium components that result in an incredibly rigid & hydrodynamic structure. It seamlessly integrates into all 9cm industry-standard foil boxes

The redesigned fuselage connection platform allows the mast to tightly lock into place to withstand the vertical and horizontal forces involved in all foil disciplines.


Durability, longevity and unmatched stiffness in an alloy setup.

  • Fixed top plate with m8 slots for easy mounting
  • 3-screw connection for superior rigidity
  • Aircraft grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Precision tapered fuse-to-mast connection for optimal rigidity
  • Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability
  • Water tight hollow design for optimal strength to weight ratio

  • Precision CNC machined aircraft grade, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability
  • Interchangeable rear fuselage for optimal performance and easy travel
  • Sold with 343mm fuselage for superior maneuverability
  • Sold as accessory:  416mm fuselage for a perfect balance of stability and ease of use
  • Recessed stabilizer mounting surface for minimal drag

Set includes:
Mast, rear fuselage, travel bag, 8pcs m6 ss316 torx ti coated screws and torx tool.


An ultra versatile wing set for all round water use.

Sizes: X950 / X1300 / X1600 / X1950

The best part of the last 5 years has been the rise in hybrid development and crossover technology amongst sports. No where is this more evident than in foil boarding. The hydrofoil has become the common denominator in all of the surf and wind sports today.

Therefore, it reasons that its important to have a hydro wing-set capable of crossing between sporting genres with flawless performance and capability. Enter the X Series™ wings from Cabrinha. The design of the X Series™ recognizes and exploits the most important features needed in all hydrofoiling genres. Lift, efficiency and control are the three pillars that drive the X Series’ high performance and buttery smooth ride.

Through a combination of outlines and wing profiles the X series delivers a smooth lift and stable flight with precise turning and control.

The X Series’ efficiency is enhanced by our all new Cab Fusion mast and fuselage ecosystem. The Cab Fusion is a redesign from the bottom up to remove any unwanted ‘play’ in the system while streaming the connection between the wings and the fuselage. The resulting increase in stiffness and reduction in drag puts the X Series wings into an all new class of hydrofoils.

The X Series comes in 4 sizes to cover an incredibly wide range of rider weights and uses. If you do more than one sport you'll be confident that your entire foil system will crossover with an astounding level of performance across genres.

Swept LE, Straight TE, Lean draft forward profile, moderate anhedral.

    • Integrated fuselage with tapered fit
    • Incredible torsional stiffness and minimum drag
    • Full pre-preg carbon construction
    • EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
    • Moderate anhedral for a more efficient lift platform
    • Draft forward profile for a forgiving ride and early predictable lift
        • X950- 950cm^2, WS 630mm, AR 4.2, Vol 1.18L
        • X1300- 1300cm^2, WS 780mm, AR 4.7, Vol 1.6L
        • X1600- 1600cm^2 WS 900mm, AR 5.05, Vol 2L
        • X1950- 1950 cm^2, WS 1000mm, AR 5.13, Vol 2.5L


      • Small Waves
      • Pumping
      • Larger Rider
      • Light Wind Winging
      • Highest Lift


      • Surf Wing for Heavier Riders
      • Winging
      • Pumping


      • All Round Surf Wing
      • Winging for Middle to Light weight riders
      • Kiting


      • Kiting
      • Tow Surfing


      Swept LE, Straight TE, Lean profile, minimal anhedral with downturned tips. 
      • Optimal efficiency and lift
      • Flat center, to downward tips, for the perfect balance between locked-in feel and agility
      • Recessed design for minimal drag
      • Full prepreg carbon construction
      • EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
      • 220 cm^2. WS 370, AR 6.4
      • 300cm^2. WS 430, AR 6.4
      Set includes:
      Stabilizer, wing covers, 2pcs m6 ss316 torx Ti coated screws

                This is an exciting step in the progression of future Cabrinha's foils. Unlocking the next level of performance and durability in Carbon/Hybrid foil sets with their improved production situation and ability to perfect their foils through rapid R&D. If you're looking for high performance, rapidly improving and modular foil setup for everything from kiting, prone surfing, tow surfing, and wing foiling then the Cabrinha Fusion is for you.