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Naish Gecko S25 Surf Board

by naish
Original price $469.00 - Original price $469.00
Original price
$469.00 - $469.00
Current price $469.00
Size: 5'1


Unveiling the all-new Gecko, a revolutionary board meticulously crafted for the exclusive realm of strapless wave riding. Our design journey led us to conceive the Gecko, a board tailored precisely for kite enthusiasts who favor the directional feel over the twin-tip design, and whose playgrounds mainly consist of serene flatwater or turbulent locales such as Tarifa or Hood River. With its expansive squash tail, parallel contour, and moderately rounded nose, the Gecko takes flight with remarkable elevation and mastery during strapless aerial maneuvers. The unswerving rails coupled with a quad fin arrangement not only deliver explosive pop and resolute course-keeping but also ensure unwavering speed and control. The vee-shaped underbelly extending through the nose impeccably complements the rail dynamics and fin configuration, fostering a velvety-smooth voyage through tumultuous waters.

Embracing a complete rocker from bow to stern, the Gecko stands as the ultimate choice for riders who shun footstraps under any condition, spanning placid waters to diminutive swells. For the devoted strapless aficionado who thrives in diverse scenarios yet may not always have the luxury of surf, the Gecko emerges as the quintessential solution.


  • Wide Nose and Tail = Control for strapless airs
  • Parallel Rails & Quad Fin Setup = Excellent tracking
  • Vee Nose Bottom Shaping = Smooth riding in choppy conditions
  • Dedicated Strapless Design = No footstrap inserts