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Our North Kiteboarding Package pairs all the best North Kiteboarding gear into one awesome deal! Here's the package: a 12M 2018 North Evo Kite, a 2018 North Click Bar with the Freeride Chickenloop and North Short Leash, a 2018 Xenon...

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Our North Kiteboarding Package pairs all the best North Kiteboarding gear into one awesome deal! Here's the package: a 12M 2018 North Evo Kite, a 2018 North Click Bar with the Freeride Chickenloop and North Short Leash, a 2018 Xenon Rayo 141 complete with Xenon straps, pads, handle, and fins, a 2018 ION Harness, and a yellow 2 Liter dual action kiteboarding pump with built-in pressure gauge. It's North for days! Let's take a closer look:

2018 North Evo

The North Evo is completely redesigned for 2018, taking an already hugely popular all-around kite and making it even better. This delta kite has everything you loved about the last Evo, power, depower, performance, relaunch, upwind performance, hangtime, and nimble handling but now with more just three struts. For 2018, the Evo can be flown with 4 or 5 lines. Removing two struts from the Evo has taken some stiffness away from the canopy and improved the overall ease of handling while at the same time reducing the bar pressure. The Evo remains an exceptionally versatile kite that is equally at home boosting to the moon, cranking out freestyle tricks, or launching you onto a peeling wave. If you are looking for a kite that does it all with ease and wickedly good performance, check out the 2018 Evo!

2018 North Click Bar

The North Click kite control bar completely revolutionize the kiteboarding control bar industry.
In 2018 North made the Click Bar in bright colors and gave riders the opportunity of picking the proper chicken loop for their riding style.

How nice is it not bending over when depowering your kite and to have full control of the power settings while holding a strong edge. The 2018 North Click bar does all this and to top it off the designers reinvented the automatic swivel. The Click control bar unspins your front lines automatically with a simple solution. The main depower line has a square shape and spins with every swing of the bar. How simple. We wish all control bars were made like this. Another huge plus on the Click bar is that North Kiteboarding was able to invent a stopper ball that does not need a double depower line to work and correctly stops in the covered main power line.

How good is that?
Yes, this is a pricey bar but totally worth it.

Xenon Rayo 141

Lightweight, smooth easy to ride, great for choppy conditions.

The Xenon Rayo has a great flex and wide tip and tail. It comes complete with Xenon Straps and Xenon g10 fins.

This kiteboard glides smooth, and it's ideal for all levels kiteboarding. The board is very light like all Xenon kiteboards. Beginners and heavy riders will appreciate the 145cm. The Rayo is Great light wind board and suits riders that are ready to explore first kite tricks.

XENON factory description:

There is a beginning for everything. If you want to progress rapidly and get to the expert level as soon as possible, you need the proper tool. The Xenon RAYO is the little brother of the Laluz. If you are just starting out in freestyle, you need a board that offers light landings, and the RAYO is just that. With this board going upwind, jumping or even doing your first unhooked tricks is a piece of cake. It also excels at light wind letting you get out and session when others are sitting on the beach waiting. Don't let other boards slow you down. With the RAYO you can become an expert in less time.

* Steps free shape - Eliminates all the weak points.
* Paulownia wood core - Gives the best durability to weight ratio.
* Top rail channels - Adds extra strength to complete construction allowing the entire core of the board to be thinner & lighter.
* Triax laminate - Gives very direct and responsive board feeling.
* Single concave to double V bottom profile - Gives refined speed, pop, precision, and control.
* Tapered down rails - For grip and control.

130 x 40 / 134 x 41 / 137 x 42 / 145 x 44

All Xenon Boards Come Complete with:

- Xenon Kiteboarding Straps

- 4 Fins

- Kiteboard Handle


ION Kiteboarding Harness

ION is one of North's most popular brands so you know it brings to bare exceptional quality and German engineering.


North Kiteboarding Pump

The NORTH Kiteboarding Pump Green is a high-quality kite pump with more volume, a more durable construction, a heavy-duty hose, and a very nice pressure gauge integrated into the handle.