Slingshot RPM BOGO 14 plus 10 Kiteboarding Package

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The Slingshot RPM BOGO 14 plus 10 Kiteboarding Package has everything you need to slingshot you, pun intended, fully into the sport of kiteboarding.  Featuring a 14M RPM and a 10M RPM complete with a Compstick Sentinel control bar, enough...

The Slingshot RPM BOGO 14 plus 10 Kiteboarding Package has everything you need to slingshot you, pun intended, fully into the sport of kiteboarding.  Featuring a 14M RPM and a 10M RPM complete with a Compstick Sentinel control bar, enough kite to keep you powered from 8 to 27 knots, this package is a smoking good deal, but that's just the beginning.  You also get the wildly popular Xenon Laluz 138, complete with footstraps, fins, and handle, a Mystic Warrior V harness, and a Tall Slingshot pump.  The only thing not included in this package is the wind.  

2018 Slingshot RPM

The 2018 Slingshot RPM is Slingshot's flagship freeride/freestyle crossover kite. Already a legend for its versatility, smooth power, popping pop and killer unhooked performance, the RPM is the kite of choice for 2X World Champion Youri Zoon yet it is user-friendly enough for anyone. The secret to the RPM's versatility lies in its Open-C shape which gives it responsive steering, enormous power, depower, and range, lightning fast relaunch, and potent yet predictable kite loops. 

Loaded with Slingshot innovated features, the RPM is one smooth operator. From its shock absorbing bridles, which maintain tension in the lines for improved steering, to its Split Strut construction, Slingshot's Canopy-integrated strut construction which creates a stronger, more durable, and more rigid strut to canopy connection under load. Slingshot patented the One-Pump system and introduced the world to the benefits of the Open-C Canopy. The RPM is made to surpass your expectations, take you to a higher level of riding, and weather the most extreme conditions with bomber construction. If you are ready to rev it up, the RPM is ready to take you to the red line and beyond.


2018 Slingshot Compstick Sentinel Control Bar

The 2018 Slingshot Compstick Sentinel is a rugged, simple, and intuitive kiteboarding control bar. Above the bar depower, bomber construction, below the bar swivel, reliable and simple safety release, and dual oh-shit handles are just a few of the reasons why the Compstick Sentinel System inspires trust and confidence with riders all over the world. Here's another, Slingshot uses a special high-tenacity 800 lb test line compared to the industry standard 500 lb lines. The Sentinel also features an above the bar movable trim block, non-slip EVA grip, redesigned molded floats that lower profile than last year and fold for better storage. Everything about this bar is built to last so you can concentrate on your riding!

 More info from Slingshot: 

 The Compstick Sentinel comes in 17, 20 and 23-inch bar options. The 17-inch bar comes stock with 20-meter lines and is recommended only for small kites (usually 4-7meters). The 23-inch bar comes stock with 27-meter lines and is recommended for larger kites (usually 13-17meters). Our universal 20-inch bar, which can be used with any kite we produce, will now come with 20-meter lines installed and 3-meter extensions in the box. This gives riders the ability to choose between two different line lengths. For easier launching, faster turning and more responsive handling, the 20-meter lines are ideal, while the extensions will provide added power, low-end range, and higher jumping.



2017 Xenon Laluz 138

If we had to pick just one board, it would probably be the Laluz. Each year we focus on delivering as much comfort to your ride as possible. Taking into consideration all of the different styles out there, we combined everything we love into versatility unmatched by any other board. Playfulness is his middle name. We dare you to try it!


* Paulownia wood core - Gives the best durability to weight ratio.

* Top rail channels - Adds extra strength to the whole construction allowing the entire core of the board to be thinner & lighter.

* Steps free shape - Eliminates all the weak points.

* Hybrid Triax-Carbon laminate - Takes the best features from both ensure super comfy ride with tons of pop.

* Single concave to double V bottom profile - Gives refined speed, pop, precision, and control.

* Tapered down rails - For grip and control.

* Moderate flex - Gives an optimal blend of comfort & performance.

* Brushed top sheet - Increases durability and has a distinctively unique look.


* One of the most comfortable pads and straps available. New hard parts composite allows combining flexibility, low weight, and durability.

* Red G10 40 mm fins set with flexible fins washers.

* Ergonomic grab handle.

All Xenon Boards Come Complete with:

- Xenon Kiteboarding Straps

- 4 Fins

- Kiteboard Handle

- All Hardware


2017 Mystic Warrior V Kiteboarding Harness

The 2017 LEN10 V Warrior Harness is back with some updates to its already exalted formula. In this version, V for "5", the LEN10 gets a style update with new colors, the addition of the Clickbar 4.0 for easy and secure closure and opening, protective over-mold covers to protect the webbing from wear and tear, and a welded leash attachment on the spreader bar. 3-D molded foam interior, and exterior form fits comfortable to your body. The Battle Belt waist closure keeps it securely in place, so it doesn't move around. The sides are covered to prevent unwanted releases and to provide a place to park the excess webbing. There's a leash ring on each side for the handle pass leash. Indeed, everything about the LEN 10 V Warrior Harness is as bomb proof as the man himself. If you want to ride as hard as Ruben, you're going to need a LEN10!