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2022 Slingshot UFO V1.1 7m Used

Original price $469.00 - Original price $469.00
Original price $469.00
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Like-new condition. 9.5/10 on the crispiness scale. Used less than five times. Bridles / pigtails are in fantastic shape. No noticeable wear. This 7m is perfect for freeride kitefoiling in light to strong winds. With skill, this 7m is also lightwind machine for kitefoiling, just takes some loops to get to the foil in the lighter ~10knt winds. Original bag included.

From Slingshot:
             Are you prepared for out-of-this-world foil performance? The all-new UFO will take you there—and beyond—as the lightest LEI kite ever produced. Built off a strutless design, the UFO is lighter, faster and more efficient than anything else on the market—that’s why it’s the Unlimited Foiling Object.


              We sacrificed nothing and maximized everything when we designed the all-new strutless UFO to be our pure, unlimited performance foiling kite. The UFO has a Compact Swept-C canopy shape for direct and instant handling, as well as insane range and power control, and an IRS bridle for immediate response. Off of that strutless design and bridle configuration, we made the canopy out of lightweight fabrics and then stripped the UFO down to just the bare essentials in order to make it the ultimate foiling machine with unbelievable handling and space-age drift.


  • The UFO is one of the lightest LEI kites that we have ever produced
  • Every aspect of the UFO has been tailored for true foiling performance
  • The UFO has the most drift and power control out of any kite in our range
  • The UFO packs down incredibly small, you can fit the full quiver in your carry on; this kite is a jetsetter’s dream
  • Turns on a dime, the ultimate kite for fun flying while on foil


STRUTLESS CONSTRUCTION- With zero struts, the UFO is incredibly lightweight and able to fly in the lightest of wind conditions.

IRS BRIDLE- The IRS Bridle replaces pulleys traditionally used on any bridle. The IRS Bridle features a bungee that eliminates the time necessary for the pulley to travel fore and aft. What used to be delayed and unresponsive, now happens instantly, seamlessly and automatically thanks to the IRS Bridle.

FLYWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION- From a .3mm bladder to reduced scuff guards to minimal stitching and paneling, the UFO’s Flyweight Construction is all about performance simplicity.

COMPACT SWEPT-C SHAPE- Compact = Excellent steering, pivoting and drift. Swept-C = Huge range with responsive power management to prevent over foiling.

TEIJIN D2 CANOPY- The perfect combination of light weight, durability and stiffness.


           The UFO by Slingshot is an unbelievably fun foiling machine that can get you out and foiling when other big kites can hardly stay in the sky. The UFO makes impressively tight turns and has fantastic depower ability. The strutless design gives this kite a huge weight savings advantage when compared to single-strut kites, allowing it to outperform most inflatable foiling kites. Relaunching is surprisingly easy until water covers and holds down the canopy, then it takes some finagling to push the water off. If you're an experienced foiler and haven't yet tried a strutless kite, your world may change after flying the UFO, a truly unbelievably fun object. Hands down the best foiling kite that we offer. With the 9m, you can be on the water having a great time in 6-9knts while the big 15/17m kites can't even stay in the sky.