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Map of the Charleston Kite and Wing Foil Spots

Map of the Charleston Kite and Wing Foil Spots

The all-knowing Charleston area map, find the spot to go in any given wind direction, and check out our new and improved kiteboarding map! We're incredibly fortunate to have many places to kite, so let's keep it that way by always staying safe, being aware of people and obstacles, and leaving no trace on the beaches. Feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop to talk about the current conditions, where to go, and anything else we can do to help. We're always happy to help our fellow kiters choose the best place to go kite and the best gear to ride with at each spot. Don't forget to Enjoy the elements and ride with FORCE!

Some local rules that we want to make you aware of so that we are all respectful and safe. 

  1. Isle of Palms: (Memorial Day- Labor Day) launch between 1st and 4th avenues. 
  2. Sullivan's Island: (all year) launch between stations 28-30, (off-season/ Sept - April) between stations 12 - 19.
  3. Please respect beachgoers. Stay at least 100' from swimmers.
  4. Right hand forward has the right of way (also known as starboard tack). 
  5. Do not block beach access paths. 
  6. Stay 100 yards from the water's edge when riding up or downwind of launch areas. 
  7. Everyone has the right of way over kiters. If you see a boat coming, get out of its way.
  8. Do not jump on or near the beach.
  9. Avoid launching in crowded areas.
  10. Be nice. 
  11. Ride with FORCE!
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