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Buy 1 Get 1 Kiteboarding Deal
Buy 1 Get 1 Deals


Kiteboarding Gear Rental

FORCE Kite and Wake has Kiteboarding gear for rent. If you are coming to the Charleston area and want to go kiteboarding but you didn't bring your gear, we've got you covered with an extensive quiver of Liquid Force, North, Cabrinha, and Slingshot kites, kiteboards, and foils.  We are the only kiteboarding rental outfit in SC, so look us up if you want to go kiting!

Complete Rig Rental: kite, bar, pump, board, and harness  $179 per day (24-hour rental)

Kite Only Rental: Kite, bar, and pump  $129 per day (24-hour rental)

Board Only Rental: $50 per day (24-hour rental)

Foil board Rental: $75 (10am-7pm) **Foils will be inspected before and after rental**

***Renters must be self-sufficient riders.  We reserve the right to refuse rental if we are not certain that a would-be renter is a self-sufficient kiteboarder. This service is ONLY for advanced and safe experienced Kiteboarders. 

Renters will be responsible for the replacement cost of damaged or loss of all gear. 

Call 843-329-3004 and book your rental today.