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2021 North Reach Kite 17 Red Used

Original price $799.00 - Original price $799.00
Original price $799.00
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2021 North Reach Kite 17 Red used, This kite is in fair condition. No repairs or damage. This kite is showing a little age but has plenty of life.

The 2021 North Reach Kite is a high-performance kite designed for all-around use, suitable for riders of all skill levels. The kite features a four-strut frame and a medium aspect ratio, which provides a combination of speed, stability, and control.

The North Reach Kite is constructed with high-quality materials, including a lightweight and durable canopy made of high tenacity Dacron and a sturdy leading edge bladder made of polyurethane. The kite is available in a range of sizes to suit different rider preferences and conditions.

The 2021 North Reach Kite is designed to perform well in a variety of disciplines, including freeriding, freestyle, and wave riding. It offers excellent upwind ability and easy relaunch, thanks to its efficient profile and optimized bridle system.

The Reach Kite also features advanced technology, such as the Adaptive Tip system, which automatically adjusts the kite's profile based on wind speed and rider input, and the Flex Strut system, which enhances the kite's response and stability in gusty wind conditions.

The kite's light bar pressure and direct feedback allow riders to feel connected and in control, while the kite's smooth power delivery and depower system provide a comfortable and reliable riding experience. The North Reach Kite is easy to fly and offers a forgiving ride, making it a great option for riders who are still learning and those who want to push their skills to the next level.

Overall, the 2021 North Reach Kite is an excellent choice for riders looking for a high-performance kite that can handle a variety of conditions and disciplines. Its versatility, stability, and ease of use make it a great option for riders of all levels.