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2022 Duotone Binding Vario Combo red/grey

Original price $129.95 - Original price $129.95
Original price $129.95
$129.95 - $129.95
Current price $129.95

From Duotone:
            An essential part of the Duotone collection, the Vario Combo footpads and straps are compatible with all Duotone boards, from every generation. Structured, comfortable and durable, the ergonomically shaped pads deliver a satisfying ride and cushy feel. The proven anti-slip features guarantee a firm grip for optimum communication between you and the board. The strap insertions and track system ensure that the strap's width and pad's stance can be easily mounted on the board, and adjusted when needed. The advanced velcro closure offers compatibility across a broad range of sizes, and is quick and easy to use.

*Includes screw sets for boards using threaded inserts and track nuts.

The Duotone Varios are a solid and lightweight, one size fits all, pair of kiteboarding straps. Very simple and durable single strap adjustable. Hard to go wrong with the Varios!