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2023 Duotone Neo SLS Kite

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Original price $1,960.00
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Original price $1,960.00
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Current price $1,372.00
Size: 9m

The 2023 Duotone Neo SLS kite is an advanced and innovative kite designed for experienced riders who demand the highest level of performance and control. This kite is the result of years of research and development, and it comes packed with cutting-edge technology and features to provide the ultimate kiteboarding experience.

One of the key features of the Neo SLS kite is its advanced SLS technology, which stands for Strong Light Superior. This technology combines a unique combination of materials to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and lightweight design. The kite features a lightweight, yet durable canopy made from high-quality Aluula material, which is stronger and lighter than traditional kite materials. The leading edge is reinforced with a high-strength carbon composite structure, which provides excellent stiffness and durability, while the strut construction ensures excellent stability and control.

The Neo SLS kite is designed to deliver high-performance and versatility across a wide range of wind conditions. Its high aspect ratio and unique profile provide excellent power and upwind performance, while the kite's fast turning speed and excellent depower make it easy to control and maneuver in any situation.

The kite's bar features an intuitive control system that provides easy and precise control over the kite. The bar features a single front line safety system that helps to ensure the rider's safety in the event of an emergency. The bar is also equipped with a comfortable and durable grip that provides a secure and comfortable grip even in wet conditions.

Overall, the 2023 Duotone Neo SLS kite is an excellent choice for experienced riders who want to take their kiteboarding to the next level. Its advanced SLS technology, high-quality construction, and advanced features make it a great option for riders who demand the highest level of performance and control. Whether you're looking to cruise in light winds, perform advanced tricks and maneuvers, or push your limits in extreme conditions, the Neo SLS kite is a great choice that delivers uncompromising performance and reliability.

Redesigned with reconfigured stiffness on each strut, the 2023 Duotone Neo SLS turns faster than last year's model. The Duotone kiteboarding design team was one of the first to experiment with new lightweight kite fabrics and has dominated the industry for the last two years. The new 2023 Neo SLS is the finest creation yet.

The Neo SLS has blown away the wave-riding community, taking an already ground-breaking and market-leading kite and pushing it to new heights. Penta TX combined with Trinity TX and a new Hybrid Flex Strut create an incredibly light and durable construction that weighs up to 15% less than a standard dacron kite, making the Neo SLS more responsive and taking the drifting capabilities to new levels. When you may have dropped a traditionally manufactured kite, the Neo SLS will keep drifting, allowing you to pull off your moves on the wave with ease. The new Hybrid Flex Strut ensures that the legendary dynamism of The Neo SLS is even further improved; new material combinations have been used for better performance. The kite has been tuned so precisely that the percentage of flex material in the tip struts decreases as the size increases. So, a 5m is more flexible in the tip struts than a 12m; this gives more rigidity and stiffness to the larger kites where power is a priority and makes the smaller kites even faster. When the kite is depowered and the bar is pushed away, the kite still handles and steers, allowing you to ride the wave with more control. With multiple settings on the tips, you can also tune the kite to the day's conditions; having a flatwater strapless freestyle session, set it for maximum pop and powerful loops if you dare. Shredding the waves, tune it for maximum drift and rapid turning speed. The Neo SLS is the epitome of a wave kite: fast, with incredible drift, instant relaunch, and very durable. If you want to ride a surfboard this year, the Neo SLS is the kite for you; no matter your riding style or the conditions, it will perform to the highest levels beyond your wildest imagination.

Force Takeaway:
The Neo SLS remains at the top among high-performance surf kites. With the increased attention to strut motion, the larger Neo SLSs are more responsive and perform better at the low-end. This change is also noticed in the high-end of the kite's range whilst allowing the kite to turn faster when depowered and with the bar sheeted out. Maximize your freedom on the wave with the 2023 Neo SLS.