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2023 Naish Pivot Performance Kiteboarding Package

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Original price $2,856.00
Original price $2,856.00 - Original price $3,056.00
Original price $2,856.00
Current price $1,099.00
$1,099.00 - $1,449.00
Current price $1,099.00
Kite Size : 7m
Boad Size : Motion 134
Harness Size : NO HARNESS

Welcome to the 2023 Naish Pivot Performance Kiteboarding Package featuring the Naish Traverse Kiteboard! Elevate your kiteboarding experience with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance designed for riders of all levels.

This is the complete Naish package: Exclusive only on this website.

- 2023 S27 Pivot  
- 2023 Torque Control Bar w/ leash
- 2L Pump
- S26 Traverse Kiteboard
- Premium Naish Apex Footstraps (size 5-12US or 9-15US)
- Mystic Warrior Harness 

Experience the thrill of the Naish Pivot kite, meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched versatility and efficiency. Its renowned stability and responsiveness allow you to effortlessly pivot through turns and enjoy superior control, whether you're cruising in light winds or pushing the limits in higher gusts. With its advanced canopy shaping and efficient design, the Pivot ensures consistent power delivery, making it an ideal choice for freestyle tricks, wave riding, and boosting huge airs.

Paired with the Naish Traverse Kiteboard, this package offers the perfect harmony of performance and comfort. The Traverse features a progressive shape optimized for stability, speed, and maneuverability. Its innovative construction and strategic flex patterns provide a smooth ride, absorbing choppy waters while offering exceptional control for precise edging and explosive pop off the water.

Crafted with durability and high-quality materials, the Naish Pivot Performance Kiteboarding Package with the Traverse Kiteboard empowers riders to push their boundaries and enjoy an exhilarating kiteboarding experience like never before. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your kiteboarding journey, this package delivers the tools you need to soar, carve, and conquer the waves with confidence. Unlock your full potential and elevate your riding to new heights with Naish's latest innovation in kiteboarding technology.