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2024 Cabrinha Moto X Kite

Original price $1,359.00 - Original price $1,899.00
Original price $1,359.00
$1,359.00 - $1,899.00
Current price $1,359.00
Size: 4m

Embrace the thrill of kiteboarding with the 2024 Cabrinha Moto X, a revolutionary addition to the Cabrinha kites lineup.

17 years of Cabrinha's relentless innovation. The Moto X combines cutting-edge technology, superior design, and unmatched performance to redefine your kiteboarding adventures. Dive into a new era of excitement with this high-performance kite, featuring advanced materials and construction techniques for optimal durability and agility. Unleash your full potential on the water as the Cabrinha Moto X takes your kiteboarding journey to new heights.

Who is the best rider at your local spot?  The one having the most fun.

Whether you're riding a twintip or a surfboard, the Moto X has fantastic cross-over performance to elevate your kite experience between disciplines and maximizing the fun throughout your journey.

As part of the Lite Series, the Moto X ensures heightened response and performance, thanks to the innovative HTD Lite airframe. Combined with features like ISC (Integrated Structural Canopy) and Bi-Directional Pure Profile Panels, this kite delivers a perfect blend of high performance and user-friendly design. Embrace the thrill of kiteboarding like never before with the Cabrinha Moto X – your go-to companion for pushing boundaries and enjoying every moment on the water. Experience the next level of excitement with the Moto X, where performance meets pure fun.

Key Features:

BI-DIRECTION PURE PROFILE PANELS The smoothest and most refined shape we've ever created allowing seemless transition between the segmented leading edge and curved canopy.

FORWARD DRIVE The Moto’s unique profile combined with the reduced coning of the 2-arc shape allow the Moto to fly incredibly fast through the wind window

UNRIVALED VERSATILITY Excellent for freeride, surf, freestyle and foiling.

SIMPLICITY PERSONIFIED The Moto’s light bar pressure & fast steering make it as easy to use as it gets.

NO PULLEY BRIDLE Light, simple and responsive. No pulleys provides incredible feedback.

DIRECT STEERING Bar input immediately translates into kite adjustment.