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2024 Cabrinha Switchblade kite

Original price $1,509.00 - Original price $2,029.00
Original price $1,509.00
$1,509.00 - $2,029.00
Current price $1,509.00
Size: 5m

The 2024 Cabrinha Switchblade stands as the benchmark of the kiteboarding industry, boasting a remarkable legacy of 17 years of continuous innovation. This iconic kite has consistently set the standard for excellence, serving as a testament to Cabrinha's commitment to pushing the boundaries of kiteboarding technology. Over the years, the Cabrinha Switchblade has become synonymous with cutting-edge design, performance, and reliability, influencing the evolution of the sport itself. As a pioneer in the industry, the Switchblade remains a symbol of innovation, capturing the essence of Cabrinha's dedication to delivering top-notch quality and pushing the limits of what is achievable in kiteboarding.

SIZES: 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 9m / 10m / 11m / 12m / 14m
The longest-running and most successful kite in the industry is back for it’s 17th year, and what a year it is.
The kite that spawned not only a style of riding but also a whole generation of kiters has evolved into the highest-performing Switchblade to date.

Taking the known Switchblade DNA, the creatives in the Design Works team have evolved this 5-strut design through the use of new technologies, construction techniques and internal adjustments, to give a more playful, lighter feeling kite, while still remaining predictable and stable.
This Lite Series kite utilizes the HTD Lite materials which make this the lightest Switchblade to date. Combined with the Integrated Structural Canopy (ISC) we have been able to greatly reduce the weight of the kite while increasing longevity and improving steering speed.