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2024 Cabrinha Vision Wing

Original price $869.00 - Original price $1,329.00
Original price $869.00
$869.00 - $1,329.00
Current price $869.00
Size: 2m

Highly rigid, responsive dihedral shape with high lift profile, medium aspect-ratio and convex strut.

Unlock the future of wing foiling with the 2024 Cabrinha Vision – a revolutionary force in the world of wing sports. Crafted for peak performance and cutting-edge innovation, the Vision is designed to redefine your wing foiling experience.

Featuring advanced technology and meticulous design, the 2024 Cabrinha Vision offers unparalleled stability, power, and responsiveness. This fourth-generation wing introduces groundbreaking enhancements, focusing on power distribution, torsional control, and overall cleanliness. The innovative spanwise load path panel layout, combined with the graduated trailing edge load patch, makes the 04 Cabrinha Vision the cleanest and highest-performing model to date.

Experience the thrill of wing foiling like never before with the 2024 Cabrinha Vision – where precision meets power, setting a new standard for wing sports excellence. Elevate your ride and embrace the future with the Vision – your key to conquering the waves.

As the sport undergoes rapid evolution, it's crucial to have a wing that keeps pace and propels us into the next era of Wing Foiling. The renowned Vision, celebrated for its remarkable range and featherlight feel, makes a triumphant return in 2024. With heightened low-end power in smaller sizes, optimized airflow across the board, and the distinction of being the lightest weight among light wind wings in the market, the new Vision stands out as the most versatile wing available.

Whether you're tall or small, cruising or wave riding, or venturing out in light winds or stormy conditions, the Cabrinha Vision Wing Foiling emerges as the ideal addition to your wing quiver. Embrace the all-encompassing capabilities of the Vision, setting the standard for wing foiling in any scenario.