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2024 Duotone Select Concept Blue TT Kiteboard

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Original price $749.00
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Size: 141

The 2024 Duotone Select Concept Blue Twin Tip takes kiteboarding to a new level of eco-conscious performance. This board combines innovative design with sustainable materials to create an exceptional ride for all skill levels.

Sustainable Construction:  Pioneering a new era in kiteboard construction, the Select utilizes flax fiber and basalt stringers. These natural materials offer a smooth, engaging ride while minimizing environmental impact.

Enhanced Performance:

  • Asymmetric Deck Shape: Delivers a focused flex on the heel edge, optimizing pop for explosive jumps.
  • Space Flex Window: Large windows in the tips provide extra cushioning for a comfortable ride that absorbs chop without sacrificing performance.
  • Early Planing: Gets you riding sooner and maximizes power and control in light winds.

Perfect for Freeriders:

The Select is ideal for riders who want a comfortable, versatile board that excels in various conditions. It allows you to effortlessly cruise, launch impressive jumps, and enjoy every moment on the water.

Key Features: 

  • ASYMMETRIC DECK - This new top deck increases the stiffness in the heel edge of the board, giving a more linear and predictable flex characteristic.
  • FASTEST OUTLINE IN THE RANG - Long outline and fastest shape of the range. Ride on size bigger than usual!
  • FLAX FIBRE WITH SUPERIOR DAMPENING QUALITIES - The Select uses Flax Fibre instead of traditional glass during the layup of the board; this new material is natural, more sustainable and offers a smoother ride in the chop.
  • SPACE FLEX - This technology gives you a smooth ride and early planing and is great for carves too.
  • RESPONSIVE RIDE DUE TO BASALT STRINGERS - Basalt fibre comes from volcanic rock, Basalt is a plentiful resource. The Fibre has a low global warming potential as it is a natural fibre. This element of our Concept Blue program replaces carbon as well as glass fibre as a material. Basalt has similar mechanical properties, but a significantly smaller impact on the environment.
  • SMOOTH CARVING - The new Select's design focuses on carving so you can crank rail-to-rail turns with ease, either in the waves or on flat water.