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2024 North Astra Womens Kiteboard

Original price $729.00 - Original price $729.00
Original price $729.00
$729.00 - $729.00
Current price $729.00
Size: 135

In 2024, the North Astra Women's Kiteboard breaks boundaries with its distinct design tailored for lighter riders. This playful yet powerful board is a standout addition to our freeride collection, delivering exceptional performance that's truly out of this world. Lighter-weight riders often face challenges when trying to control larger, stiffer boards designed for heavier individuals. To address this, we embarked on a mission to create a board with a more responsive flex specifically for riders with a smaller build.

The Astra features a smaller board length, a narrower stance, and innovative basalt technology construction, all of which combine to offer riders, regardless of their skill level, the perfect amount of flex for controlled edging, impressive boosts, and confident loops. Its consistent and reliable rail grip instills extra confidence as you push your limits, preparing for those massive jumps. With its highly efficient bottom shape and rocker, the board not only feels incredibly fast in the water but also excels in upwind performance.

The medium flex strikes a balance, delivering clean and powerful pop while also providing forgiveness to your knees and legs during tougher landings. Sending it off the water has never been easier.


  • Board
  • TwinTip Accessory Kit

Key Features:

  • Optimized for lighter weight riders
  • Enhanced edge control
  • Narrower stance for improved agility
  • Innovative hybrid basalt construction
  • Medium-high outline curve
  • Progressive rocker for dynamic performance