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2024 North Navigator Control System - Short Throw (45-50cm)

Original price $599.00 - Original price $599.00
Original price $599.00
$599.00 - $599.00
Current price $599.00

The Navigator Short Throw is a control system for kitesurfing that is designed to bring the trim handle within closer reach. This makes it easier for smaller riders to reach after release, and it also makes it easier to depower the kite in high winds. The Navigator Short Throw is compatible with 12m and smaller kites.

Here are some of the key features of the Navigator Short Throw:

  • Shorter bar length: The bar length is 10cm shorter than the standard Navigator bar, which makes it easier for smaller riders to reach the trim handle.
  • Closer trim handle: The trim handle is 10cm closer to the chicken loop, making it easier to reach after release.
  • Intelligent safety system: The Navigator Short Throw features an intelligent safety system that prevents the bar from accidentally releasing.
  • Toolless interloop: The interloop is toolless, making it easy to change lines.
  • Connect Quick Release: The Connect Quick Release is a new, intuitive quick release system that is easy to use and reliable.

The Navigator Short Throw is a great choice for smaller riders who want a control system that is easy to use and provides plenty of depower. It is also a good choice for riders who want to use a shorter bar length for improved control.

Here is a table comparing the Navigator Short Throw to the standard Navigator bar:

Feature Navigator Short Throw Navigator
Bar length 150cm 160cm
Trim handle distance 10cm closer to chicken loop 20cm from chicken loop
Safety system Intelligent safety system Standard safety system
Interloop Toolless Toolless
Quick release Connect Quick Release Standard quick release