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2024 North Scoop Kite Foil Board

Original price $1,049.00 - Original price $1,099.00
Original price
$1,049.00 - $1,099.00
Current price $1,049.00
Size: 120x46cm

2024 North Scoop Kite Foil Board is responsive foil board designed for immediate touchdown recovery, the Scoop boasts a direct and intuitive performance. It features a concave deck for seamless transitions and effortless steering. Crafted with a lightweight Hybrid Carbon construction, it incorporates a structurally reinforced core to ensure resilience against impacts and maintain rigidity. Paired with its forgiving hull shape, this robust construction renders the 2024 North Scoop perfectly suited for Freeride and Freestyle foiling.

In 2024, we've revamped the North Scoop with a triplane hull design, facilitating earlier takeoffs and quicker releases. The angled planing surfaces, refined rocker, and finer beveled rails contribute to a more stable and forgiving touchdown recovery, even in varying angles. The Scoop is among our most versatile foil boards, offering a reliable platform for strapped big wave tow-foiling, whether you're tackling Pe'ahi or a local 2ft beach break. Additionally, it serves as the ideal companion for comfortable long-distance kitefoil missions or relaxing post-work sundowners."


DropBox for fast-mounting (165x90 bolt spacing)

Intuitive Concaved Deck

Refined overall rocker

Ultra-lightweight hybrid carbon technology