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2024 North Seek Air Wing Foil Board

Original price $999.00 - Original price $999.00
Original price $999.00
$999.00 - $999.00
Current price $999.00
Size: 4'10'

Introducing the 2024 Seek Air, a groundbreaking inflatable foil board that redefines the norms. It delivers the same feel and performance as its hybrid carbon counterpart while offering the unmatched advantages of being lightweight, portable, and durable due to its inflatable design. Crafted with forgiving performance rails and a sharp release tail, the Seek Air ensures seamless take-offs and effortless touchdown recoveries.

The 2024 Seek Air boasts our distinctive Carbon Sandwich Transfer (CST) base, featuring the innovative DropBox fast foil mounting system. The CST base is engineered to establish the most direct and responsive connection to the foil, featuring a slight curve that perfectly aligns with the board's rocker, resulting in exceptional control and pumpability.

Surprisingly lightweight with minimal swing weight, the smaller Seek Air models provide a high-performance experience, while the larger sizes are honed for on-water speed and swift early take-offs, making them ideal for those mastering the art of foiling. The larger 5'9/6'2 models are equipped with removable side fins, allowing you to focus on winging before adding a foil to the mix.

Built to endure, the Seek Air is designed to absorb impacts, resist dings, and guarantee lasting enjoyment for you and your family at home, on your boat, and during your vacations for many years to come. Each board incorporates v-strap and centerline foot strap inserts seamlessly integrated into the intuitive contoured deckpad.

For your convenience, the Seek Air comes in a travel-friendly Go Green recycled PET backpack with roller wheels and includes a two-way inflation pump and foil mounting hardware. We assure maximum stiffness with inflation pressures of up to 15 PSI. To determine your ideal volume/board size, simply add +30-40 liters for novice riders or +10-20 liters for intermediate riders to your body weight in kilograms.


  • Inflatable Board
  • Pump
  • Board Bag
  • Repair Kit
  • DropBox 23mm Screw Pack
  • Seek Air Foot Strap Screw Pack (M6x16mm and M6x18mm)

Key Features:

  • Carbon Sandwich Transfer Base
  • DropBox for fast foil mounting
  • Exceptional durability and ding resistance
  • Smooth touchdown recovery
  • Fast-release tail
  • Versatile side fins (5'9 / 6'2 sizes)