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2024 North Seek Foil Board

Original price $1,399.00 - Original price $1,749.00
Original price $1,399.00
$1,399.00 - $1,749.00
Current price $1,399.00
Size: 48L (4'4" x 22.5" x 3.33")

Look no further than the Seek to accelerate your learning curve and start shedding as soon as possible. Stable and performative, let the Seek wingfoil board take you places you’ve never been. Upwind, downwind, down the face of a wave or through the chop. Engineered for an intuitive and direct connection to your hydrofoil, the Seek has a stiff, responsive, Hybrid Carbon construction with deep-concaved deck for greater leverage and heel/toe roll control. Early takeoffs. Effortless touchdown recovery. Easy gybes, tacks. Did you say jump? We say: how high? The 2024 Seek has a balanced design for cleaner release and a more comfortable stance. We’ve introduced an efficient tri-plane hull design with a slight convex at the tail for a smoother, more forgiving touchdown recovery. We’ve also dropped the nose rocker, improving speed and acceleration, and we’ve rearranged the volume distribution in the board for excellent stability on takeoff and touchdown - where every movement counts. With updated volumes for each board length, you can now ride a full size shorter.


  • Efficient  tri-plane hull design
  • Longer waterline with lower entry rocker
  • Max-traction non-abrasive deck grip
  • Lightweight Hybrid Carbon Technology
  • Deep concaved deck for direct foil control
  • DropBox fast foil mounting (165x90mm)
  • Centerline + offline and V-strap insert options (straps sold separately)

FORCE TAKEAWAY: The 2024 Seek is an exciting evolution in North's wingfoil lineup with some major improvements for beginners and advanced riders. The new tri-plane hull is the biggest change from the 2022 model, making it easier to lift off the  water. The 2024 Seek provides one of the most intuitive rides, something anyone can hop on and have a great time on without trying to figure out the balance of a different board.