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Buy 1 Get 1 Kiteboarding Deal
Buy 1 Get 1 Deals


Advanced Kiteboarding Lesson

Original price $400.00 - Original price $600.00
Original price $400.00
$400.00 - $600.00
Current price $400.00
Lesson Length: 2 Hours

Want to hone in on some more advanced kite skills? Take an advanced lesson with us for instruction on foiling, unhooked, or advanced hooked riding.

At FORCE, all of our lessons are jet ski supported. This means we can advance you through the lesson as safely and quickly as possible. We are with you at every stage of your lesson to offer detailed step-by-step instruction and assistance.

If you are already a self-sufficient rider looking to learn some new tricks and develop your skills, or have already taken a few lessons and need a refresher, at FORCE Kite and Wake, our knowledgeable and experienced coaches are here to help. Whether you want to learn how to foil, directional surfboard, or improve your jumping, the FORCE team will get you to your goal. 

Private Lessons | $400 (2 hours) | $600 (3 hours)

Everything is included! For more information call p:843-329-3004

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