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Beginner Wing SUP Package

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Wing Size: 3m

Wanting to learn to wing with no board or sailing experience? Don't worry. Set yourself up with success with our Beginner Wing SUP package. This package makes learning fun and painless. The Slingshot Tracker Board and the slingwing are the perfect pair to get you going. The Tracker SUP board comes with a large center keel to help staying upwind a breeze. When there isn't any wind. The board can be used as a SUP. 

Package Includes

  • Wing
  • SlingWing backpack
  • Wing wrist leash
  • Bladder patch kit
  • Tracker 7’ inflatable board
  • Paddle
  • Rear Fin
  • SUP WINDer Keel Fin
  • Pump w/ adapters for both SUP inflation and wing inflation
  • Patch Kit
  • Carrying Backpack

From Slingshot:

2022 Slingshot Tracker 7' Airtech Package w/ SUP WINDer V1

Staying upwind is of utmost importance when learning to wing and windsurf. The Tracker inflatable board has a unique rear fin configuration that includes the sUP WINDer center keel fin. This combo keeps the board on track making it easier to stay upwind for beginners. Its lightweight nature and compact size will progress new wingers to easily riding upwind and gaining a confidence level of being completely self-sufficient wind sports enthusiasts. The center carry handle and backpack lets you transport the Tracker, pump, and everything else conveniently anywhere. There are even tail and nose D-rings so that you can keep the board close at hand by attaching a leash or a tow rope.
Specs: (7’ x 31.5” x 6”) 220L

Slingshot SlingWing V3 w/  Soft Handles

We designed the all-new SlingWing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag.

When the sport you love is powered by the wind, choosing the best way to harness its energy is critical. We can all agree, flying, turning and gliding certainly sounds better than slogging and bogging. Gliding over the water on foil should feel calm and effortless and here at Slingshot, we strive to make that as attainable and easy as possible. Thanks to the reliable steady pull, forward drive, and effortless balance of the all new SlingWing V3, winging has never been more intuitive. Thanks to its rock-solid rigidity, the V3 has loads of power out of the pocket. This means less time slogging and bogging, and more time gliding, turning and floating. Having wing-powered fun, shouldn't be a hassle. Let our new SlingWing open up a world of new possibilities. 
Wing design is moving at light speed and the Slingwing V3 continues to lead the way by delivering unparalleled power, performance and ease of use.
•Unrivaled power per wing size allows you to use a smaller wing for increased speed and control with less drag and weight.
•Smooth balanced flight.
•Elongated handles for fine-tuning grip position.
•One Pump Speed System makes inflation quick and simple.
•Dump valve on the strut speeds up deflation and packing.
•Bombproof construction with Skate Scuff tough strips.


NEW ELONGATED HANDLES Slide your hands to perfectly place your grip without having to let go and release. Having your own personalized hand placement lets you achieve maximum responsiveness quickly and easily.
LEADING-EDGE LUFF HANDLE Soft neoprene underlining lets you enjoy hours of gliding, free from knuckle rub.
ONE PUMP SPEED SYSTEM AND STRUT DUMP VALVE Inflate and deflate quickly and efficiently.