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Here's a Complete Kiteboarding Package to take you from the starting line all the way to that well-deserved post session beer. That's everything you need to unlock the full joy of kiteboarding at a steal of a deal. This Complete...

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Here's a Complete Kiteboarding Package to take you from the starting line all the way to that well-deserved post session beer. That's everything you need to unlock the full joy of kiteboarding at a steal of a deal. This Complete Kiteboarding Package includes a 2017 Liquid Force Wow V2 paired with a Liquid Force V2 Mission Control Bar, a Xenon LaLuz 142 kiteboard, the Warrior V kiteboarding harness with a short leash, and of course a pump. Check out the details below.

The 2017 Liquid Force Wow V2 Kite

The 2017 Liquid Force Wow is a bread and butter wave kite with a healthy portion of freeriding. Fast turning, smooth power delivery, and great drift conspire to make you call it by name whether you're a beginner or an expert ripper.

The 2017 Liquid Force Wow will have you saying "Wow"! Maybe WOW stands for "Wide Open Waves, " or perhaps they just couldn't think of a better name, either way, the jury could not be reached for comment as they are out kiting on one right now. Let's look into what the Wow is all about.

The short answer is waves, but there's more to it than just that. The characteristics that define an excellent wave Kite are: depower, fast turning, and drift. It goes without saying that such a kite is stable and has good kite architecture from the get-go. The wow doesn't disappoint. In fact, it thrives, with pivotal turning, power on demand, and the drift of a dandelion seed. So it should be no surprise that this kite does more than just slash waves, it's a free ride beast and a great beginner kite, too. In 2017, Liquid Force extends the range of the Wow with the Wow 14m making this kite an excellent choice for your low-end kite as well. Lofty jumps, tight loops, and floaty transitions will have you saying one final "Wow!" before you make one your own.

The Liquid Force V2 Mission Control Bar 

This is the 2018 Liquid Force Mission Control Bar. We called on Brandon Scheid to give us the low down. This year's Liquid Force bar is redesigned from end to end from the depower strap to the chicken loop. Our design goal was to make a bar that does it all and makes it look and feel natural. At the same time, we wanted to make our bar 100% reliable, and we worked exceedingly hard to do it. Starting with the chicken loop and depower assembly, we focused on making it simple and ensuring failsafe performance. Each prototype was tested extensively by our team of testers, undergoing 300 punch outs in every scenario we could imagine. We filled them up with sand and otherwise tried to make them fail. The final product is the most reliable safety system in the industry. Going on, Brandon walked us through the bars other features. After ensuring that the chicken loop assembly met our specifications, we focused on making it durable and lite. Using a single molded composite bar allowed us to bring the weight down by 50% without compromising on strength. Then we made it adjustable in all the right ways. The chicken loop comes with a small loop for hooked in riding and a large loop for unhooked riding. The rider may choose to ride with the safety pin or without it. We made the floats detachable, we gave it adjustable end cartages so you can easily adjust the bar length to 55 cm or 49 cm, and we made the lines adjustable to 20 meters or 23 meters. Thanks, Brandon!

This is the bar you want to be wrapping your lines around. Strong and lite, adjustable to your kite size and riding style, and dependable in any situation, the Mission Control Bar by Liquid Force is blasting off in 2017 from a beach near you. Take a look at this beautiful work of engineering and fall in love with its simple and adaptive functionality.

The Xenon Laluz 142 Kiteboard

The Xenon Laluz isn’t just another kiteboard you want; it’s the one you need. LaLuz brings together the highest quality design, materials, and manufacturing in one do everything board at a fair price. Manufactured in Austria and Poland in high-end snowboard factories each size (with its own specific mold) is sandwiched under ultra-high pressure. Translation, Laluz is built to last European style. Combine the highest quality materials and construction with a great shape and what Xenon calls moderate flex, and you have Laluz. Do you see the light yet?

Xenon has pioneered bringing snowboard construction techniques and materials to kiteboarding. Starting with a Paulownia wood core and under ultra-high pressure, a stiff carbon deck is sandwiched to a durable and flexible bottom. The result is a board that literally pops. Speaking of pop, these boards have a following of riders. When you get it so right that you wouldn’t dare change even the slightest detail, that’s LaLuz, and that’s why Xenon doesn’t mess with this shape. How’s that light coming?

And how about those straps and pads? A marriage of form and function, the pads are soft and wedged at the heal, helping you to edge and reducing overspill, and they can be adjusted for more or less arch support. Meanwhile, the equally comfortable straps are easy to adjust to just the right size. And the fins? Each fin is CNC formed. Again, with only the best materials, quality and value, Laluz shines.

Laluz has a spry feel under your feet thanks to its lively flex. The tips are wider than most other boards giving it a bit more volume and allowing you to ride a size smaller than you would normally ride. A single concave runs through the midsection of the board turning into a double V at the tips, so it motors upwind and excels at digging in deep with smooth confidence and control. The flex helps you breeze through chop, saves your knees, gives you pop when taking off and forgiveness to help you land the landing. The bottom line is this, if you’re looking for that one magical board that can handle chop with ease, pop like Champagne on new years eve, and ride any style you can shake a bar at, get a Laluz by Xenon now and see the light for yourself.

The Mystic Warrior V Harness

The 2017 Mystic Warrior V Waist Harness continues to deliver a quality kiteboarding waist harness with a bevy of great features. The 2017 Warrior V features an anatomical backplate and 3D molded foam both inside and outside, along with soft neoprene edges to provide the rider with excellent functional support and comfort. All the side parts are covered to give the Warrior V a nice clean profile. The spreader bar is covered and padded as well. The Warrior V also includes heavy-duty power buckles, a safety knife, double power leash rings, and it is compatible with the Clickbar 4.0. Check out the Mystic Warrior V by Mystic for a harness you can trust on the battlefield.

So, if you want a Complete Kiteboarding Package to hit the water running, this package has the goods. It's all right here. What are you waiting for?



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