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2020 CrazyFly Raptor LTD 136x41cm w/ Hexa LTD Straps

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Original price $1,089.00
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Current price $469.00

Good/Great overall condition. Very few light cosmetic scratches. Rails and tips are in perfect shape aside from one substantial ding on the toe-side rail. Other than that, this board shows minimal signs of wear and still has a lot of life.


  • Double V tips LOAD 'N' POP - Double V tips improve grip when loading the board up before popping. This shape of the tips creates much more grip and results in better pop and higher jumps

  • High visibility Neon color VISIBLE IN DARK WATER - The Raptor LTD Neon has bright colors to make it more visible in dark waters. This comes especially handy for riders who progress and often body drag back to the board after crashing. Neon colors make the board very easy to find

  • Ellipse Double Concave IMPRESSIVE. IN EVERY SENSE - The Ellipse Double Concave is the latest bottom shape developed especially for the Raptor LTD boards. The concaves create an Ellipse like shapes which smoothly transitions into the board tips. The Ellipse Double Concave provides amazing control, grip and upwind drive. At the same time it makes the board much more comfortable and smoother to ride in chop

  • Wood Core - Core is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard. Therefore, we choose only the finest selection wood cores for all CrazyFly kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of the highest quality, we are using a CNC machine to cut the outline, drill holes, and give various 3D shapes on all cores

  • Nano Glide Skin HIGHER SPEED. BETTER GRIP - In 2017, we introduced Nano Glide Skin on the bottom of the Raptor and Raptor LTD boards and we are still the only brand to offer this innovative technology on kiteboards. The micro channels on the Nano Glide Skin foil help the board track and go upwind better. The foil has better gliding properties and generates speed quicker, plus it is more resistant to scratches

  • Step Cap SHARPER EDGE, BETTER UPWIND - The Step Cap technology allows for thinner rails which enhance the upwind and tracking abilities of the board

  • Full Carbon Construction ULTRA LIGHT, ROBUST AND DURABLE - Based on our fifteen years of experience in building high quality kiteboards with top performance, we simply believe that carbon fibers are irreplaceable. Carbon fibers are ultra light and at the same time extremely strong. This material is very dynamic and it returns instantly to its original shape after being stressed, which provides loads of pop in carbon fiber boards

  • CompFlex 4T5 Carbon MORE FLEX AND COMFORT - The latest CompFlex 4T5 Carbon on the bottom of the board makes the LTD even more comfortable and smoother, especially in choppy water. This new carbon weave provides much more flex without sacrificing strength. Plus the new weave is thinner and requires less epoxy resulting in 0,1 kg weight saving per board compared to previous models

  • Invisible Inserts NO FUZZ DOWN LOW - Invisible inserts is an innovative feature that creates a beautiful united surface of the bottom of the board. Not only does this make the board look much better, but it also does not disrupt the flex pattern of the board and allows our shapers to be more creative without limits. Inserts are only visible from the top for mounting pads and straps

  • Carbon fins Stronger than steel - Injection molded carbon fins are extremely durable and very light