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Naish Jet HA Foil Semi-complete

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Size: 1040

The S27 Naish Jet High Aspect Foil Semi-Complete is a cutting-edge hydrofoil system designed for water sports enthusiasts seeking high-performance experiences. This semi-complete set includes essential components to get you started on the thrilling journey of foiling.

Key features of the S27 Naish Jet High Aspect Foil Semi-Complete:

  1. High Aspect Design: The foil features a high aspect ratio design, optimizing lift and efficiency for an exhilarating and smooth ride.

  2. Semi-Complete Set: This package is designed to provide a convenient and user-friendly experience. The semi-complete set includes an EVA front wing cover, stabilizer cover, foil carry case, torx driver, and all the necessary screws.

  3. EVA Front Wing Cover: The set comes with a protective EVA cover for the front wing, ensuring the longevity and safety of your equipment.

  4. Stabilizer Cover: Included in the package is a stabilizer cover, adding an extra layer of protection to the stabilizer component of the foil.

  5. Foil Carry Case: The foil carry case allows for easy transportation and storage, keeping your foil components organized and protected.

  6. Tool Kit: The set includes a torx driver and all the necessary screws, providing the tools required for assembly and adjustments.

Whether you're a seasoned foiler or a beginner looking to explore the world of hydrofoiling, the S27 Naish Jet High Aspect Foil Semi-Complete offers a comprehensive package to elevate your water sports experience. Its high aspect design and thoughtful inclusions make it a reliable choice for riders seeking performance and convenience.