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North Sonar Kite Foil Set

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North Sonar Kite Foil Package

Closeout deal on North Sonar Foil package. The package comes complete and ready to hit the water for your first session. 

What is included:

  • Sonar 85cm Aluminum Mast
  • 600mm Aluminum Fuselage
  • Sonar S270 Stabilizer
  • Sonar 850 Front Wing
  • Hardware
  • Carrying Case

Sonar Kite Foil Edition 85cm Mast

The A600 fuselage and AK85 Mast combine to create a stable, controllable foil system that is the perfect entry kitefoil setup. The north foil system is modular can match with any front wing, so you can learn to wing, SUP, surf and kite foil with confidence. The forgiving longer fuselage delays the pitching moment, giving you greater time to react.

It’s precisely CNC-machined and hydrodynamically optimized shape offers minimal resistance, while the aluminum mast delivers the best balance between light weight and increased strength for higher loads. The AK85 mast is also ideal for learning and foiling in shallower waters.

Simply choose the Sonar Front Wing best suited to your needs to complete your setup (Sonar Front Wings, Foil Board and foil to board attachment hardware sold separately)

*Foil to board mounting screws are included with North Foil Boards.

North Sonar 850

The perfect foil you will never outgrow. Amazing top end and bottom end speed, yet playful and forgiving, the Sonar 850 is your ultimate freeride kitefoiling wing. Smooth control at both ends of the speed spectrum and an exceptionally low stalling speed allow you to master new manoeuvres quickly. A great option for tow-surfing big waves.


  • Maximum freeride performance and lift through all manouevres
  • Anhedral wing profile and swept outline for a more agile flight mode
  • Optimised low drag to lift ratio
  • Thrilling top end speeds
  • Low stall speed


  • Carbon Sandwich Construction with premium 3K Finish