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Private Wing Foil Beginner Lesson - Wing Handling (2 Hrs)

Original price $300.00 - Original price $500.00
Original price $300.00
$300.00 - $500.00
Current price $300.00
Lesson type: Private

Your wing foil journey starts here with FORCE.

At FORCE, we are excited to start our wing program here in Charleston, South Carolina. The journey to wing foiling can be exhilarating, yet challenging, but we have broken it all down, so you can learn all the necessary skills and progress as fast as possible.

You don't need to have any previous experience. Our beginner wing handling lesson is the foundation course for wing foiling. This lesson will teach you how to handle the wing, how to get power from the wing, and how the wing behaves on the water with a SUP.

A wing foiling lesson typically begins with a briefing on the basics of foiling. This can include topics such as the basic components of a foil wing, the different types of foils and their uses, and safety measures when using foils. Once the briefing is complete, the instructor will lead the student to the water, where they will be fitted with the appropriate wing foil and safety gear. The next step is to practice basic foiling maneuvers. This can include basic turns, tacking and jibing, and other maneuvers to get the student comfortable with the feel of the foil. Depending on the student’s experience level, the instructor may also introduce more complex maneuvers.

Once you're comfortable with the wing, you will be ready to take on the foil, which will be in the intermediate wingfoil lesson

Private Lessons | $300 | 2 hours 

Everything is included! For more information call p:843-329-3004

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