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Reedin Superwing - Buy 1 get 1

by Reedin
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Original price $2,144.00
Original price $2,144.00 - Original price $2,260.00
Original price $2,144.00
Current price $849.00
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Current price $849.00
First Wing Size: 3.6m
Second Wing Size: 3.6m

Reedin SuperWing - Buy 1 get 1

The Reedin Superwing is an ultra-durable wingfoil designed for jumping and riding waves. Made for maximum performance, it's the perfect tool for adventurous riders. 

Reedin SuperWing

Introducing the Reedin SuperWing, a wing that caters to both novice and seasoned wing riders alike. With its impressive performance in jumps, waves, downwind, freestyle, or speed runs, it's the ultimate wing for those looking to push their limits.

According to its creator, Damien Giradin, the SuperWing is a result of his extensive experience in wing design. Having created over 100 designs, he's confident that the SuperWing is a mature product that delivers exceptional power per square meter. Its direct power delivery also makes pumping more efficient, making it easier for beginners to get started.

The SuperWing's stable profile and minimal flutter make it ideal for downwind and wave riding. Its slightly flatter arc ensures maximum efficiency and projected surface area, making it perfect for jumping. Moreover, the wide and stiff handles, double windows, double one-pump hose, and the canopy built under tension make it the most stable wing available in the market.


  • Double windows - light, durable, and weather-proof
  • Wide and stiff handles - easily adjust your hands position, coated in soft and comfy neoprene sleeves
  • Double one pump hose - fast deflation of strut
  • Stiff leading edge - allows for direct and efficient feel
  • Canopy built under tension - provides the most stable profile and wing
  • Slightly bowed out leading edge curvature - slightly flatter arc ensures maximum projected surface area for maximum efficiency
  • Stiffest and strongest yarn and thread on the market making it virtually indestructible