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Semi-Private Kiteboarding Lessons

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Are you and friend interested in feeling out the sport of kiteboarding?

Our Semi-Private kiteboarding lessons are the best and most affordable way for two individuals to feel out this incredible sport. If you're a little intimidated, or aren't certain you want to fully invest in the sport, a semi-private lesson is the best option to help you ease into it. Splitting time with the kite allows you to take some breathers and digest the information while watching your friend or family member progress alongside you. 

If you are desperate to learn this new skill and you have a friend of similar size and thoughts, then a semi-private session is always a good way to have fun on the water and learn something new with a buddy. You will be sharing the same equipment, and this means you will have plenty of time to take pictures of your friends and give feedback from the comfortable peanut gallery on the Jetski.

P: 843-329-3004 (Open daily 10am - 6pm, Mon. - Sat. & 12-4pm, Sun.)

The first kiteboarding lesson is the best one to do together. We want you to be paired up with a friend that is of similar weight and experience. There is a ton of information covered in the first lesson, so sharing that time together can be fun. We will be taking turns flying a kite, but sticking together. It is very beneficial to watch someone do the same thing you just tried. You get a much better visual understanding of what you were doing right, or wrong. You also get to take short breaks allowing for rest time.

It's an exciting time when learning kiteboarding, and fun to share with a friend in a semi-private lesson. Bring your phone in a waterproof case to capture some unforgettable moments with FORCE.

Once you are at the point where you can get up and ride a little, we suggest taking a private kiteboarding lesson, or two. Private instruction really lets the instructor focus on you and dial in your skills to speed up your progression.