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Slingshot B2 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

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The 2018 Slingshot B2 Trainer kite is already legendary. After all, it's the original trainer kite from back in the day, and it's still the trainer of choice for anyone wanting to learn how to kiteboard. Many, if not most, kiters started with a Slingshot B2 or a B3, and the tradition continues. Learning to fly a good trainer kite like the B2 is an essential part of the process of learning how to kiteboard.


There's no question about it, learning how to fly a trainer kite will drastically reduce the amount of time and punishment it takes to learn kiteboarding. We did it, your favorite riders did it, and you should do it, too.


Getting the right start is the most important aspect of learning to kiteboard, and for almost everyone this means starting with a trainer kite.

Slingshot’s B2 is the original trainer kite that started it all. With the B2 you will discover the gold standard in learning kite flying skills in a safe, efficient and affordable manner. If you are serious about learning to kiteboard, investing in a Slingshot trainer kite is a small price to pay for an invaluable, timeless and fun piece of equipment. You can fly your B2 anywhere with wind and open space. It works great on land, grass, at the beach or even on snow. No water needed.

With the B2 trainer kite, you will:

• Learn basic kite skills safely and at your own pace
• Save time and money by learning the basics before paying for a lesson
• Develop the coordination and muscle memory crucial to kiteboarding
• Develop an understanding of the wind and what a kite will do in it
• Learn what to do and what not to do with a kite
• Be able to share the fun of kite flying with others, for years to come
• Learn kiteboarding concepts, terminology and jargon

The B2 comes complete with trainer kite, bridles, spectra flying line, comfortable EVA grip control bar with built-in line winders and carrying bag.
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