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The Best Bang for Your Buck Wing Foil Package

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Original price $4,089.00
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Original price $4,089.00
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Current price $2,199.00
Foil Set Size : Front Wing 1880 | 210- 260 lbs Rider
Mast Length: 75cm
Wing Size : 3.8m

Looking for the best bang for your buck? This is it. All pieces to the puzzle for close to half the cost if you purchased them individually. The 5'5" 2022 North Seek is a perfect board for just about anyone to learn and progress with. Around 120L is the sweet-spot for most beginner-intermediate riders, and 5'5" is a great length. This is the goldilocks beginner board. Not to small, not too big, not too long and not too short.

The Reedin Flight Attendant Foil Set provides a stable and predictable platform for riders to progress no matter what your skill level. These medium aspect-ratio front wings make these foils fun for anyone and everyone while maximizing wind-range and range of speed.

Choose the size of your SuperNatural Wing and Flight Attendant Foil Front Wing and Mast length. Select larger wings for larger riders and/or lighter winds! 

Whats Included:
1. 2022 North Seek 5'5" / 118L 
2. Reedin Flight Attendant Performance Alloy Foil Set w/ 63cm fuselage and your choice of front wing & mast length
3. Reedin Supernatural Wing 
4. Tall Pump 
5. Board Leash and Wing Leash

The 2022 Seek is an exciting evolution in North's wingfoil lineup with some major improvements for beginner and advanced riders. The more squared off rails are the biggest change from the 2021 model, which makes the board much more stable and easier to take off in rougher water. The 2022 Seek provides one of the most intuitive rides, something anyone can hop on and have a great time without trying to figure out the balance of a different board. 

The Flight Attendant Foils are designed to be user-friendly for riders of all experience levels. Whether you're just starting out on flat water or pushing your limits with jumps and turns, these foils offer exceptional stability, predictability, and performance.







Wing Span:





Aspect Ratio:





Key Features:

  • Effortless Takeoff: The FlightAttendant's design allows you to get foiling quickly and easily, even at low speeds.
  • Smooth and Balanced Ride: The mid-aspect platform provides a stable and intuitive feel, perfect for building confidence.
  • Superior Maneuverability: The curved wingtips and perfectly tuned stabilizer enhance control and turning ability.
  • Impressive Glide: The design optimizes lift and efficiency, allowing you to effortlessly pump between waves and cover long distances.
  • Wide Speed Range: The FlightAttendant performs well across a variety of riding speeds, adapting to different conditions.

The SuperNatural: Your Wingfoiling Journey Starts Here The SuperNatural wingfoil is designed to be your all-in-one companion for every stage of your wingfoiling journey. Whether you're a complete beginner taking your first wobbly steps, or a seasoned rider chasing waves, jumps, and speed runs, the SuperNatural can handle it all.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Versatility: Learn, explore, and push your limits – the SuperNatural adapts to your goals.
  • Effortless Takeoffs: The wing's design prioritizes efficiency, making it easier to get foiling quickly.
  • Enhanced Stiffness: Improved construction with a focus on key zones provides exceptional rigidity for a more direct and stable feel.
  • Responsive Control: The tensioned canopy delivers a quick and precise response, minimizing unwanted movement for confident riding.
  • Lightweight Design: Every element is meticulously crafted to achieve the best weight-to-power ratio for optimal performance.
  • Control & Maneuverability: The new rigid handle design offers exceptional control, allowing you to master maneuvers from basic tacks to advanced air rotations.
  • Natural Lift and Forward Drive: The wing's unique shape generates natural lift and effortless forward motion, making it feel intuitive and responsive.