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Wing Foil Intermediate Lesson - Foil Riding (2 hrs)

Original price $300.00 - Original price $500.00
Original price $300.00
$300.00 - $500.00
Current price $300.00
Lesson Type: Private

Your Wing foiling journey starts here with FORCE.

If you've never done it before, flying over the water on a hydrofoil board feels like magic. Combining foiling and the wing can be a lot to handle if you've never foiled before. We like to dedicate a lesson for anyone who has never foiled before to either a tow foil lesson behind the boat or an e-foil lesson. This will give you a chance to develop the necessary skills to ride a foil.

If you already have foil experience and wish to combine it with the wing, you could move straight to the advanced wing foil lesson. 

Wing Foil Intermediate Lesson with Force Kite and Wake in Charleston, SC Force Kite and Wake offers a Wing Foil Intermediate Lesson in Charleston, SC. This course is designed for those who have mastered the basics of Wing Foil and are ready to take the next steps in their progression. Our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals of Wing Foil, including proper technique and body positioning. After mastering the basics, you will learn more advanced maneuvers and tricks, such as tacking, jibing, and aerial maneuvers. You will also learn how to read the wind and waves, as well as safety tips and procedures. Our Wing Foil Intermediate Lesson is perfect for those who want to take their Wing Foil skills to the next level.

Private Lessons | $300 | 2 hours 

Semi-Private lessons | $500 | 2 hours

Everything is included! For more information call p:843-329-3004