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Charleston Kiteboarding Lessons at Force Kite and Wake

Charleston Kiteboarding Lessons at Force Kite and Wake

In beautiful Charleston SC, Force Kite and Wake takes Kiteboarding Lessons to the penultimate level of efficacy and professionalism.  Fully jetski supported, at Force Kite and Wake, we move at your individual pace to give you the skills and confidence to become a kiteboarder in the fastest and safest possible way.  Our instructors are highly experienced with decades of experience and are respected by riders along the entire eastern seaboard.  

Force Kite and Wake Kiteboarding Lesson Programs

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Teaching people of all ages and levels of athletism from all over the country and world in Charleston SC is what we do. We've taught thousands of people just like you how to kiteboard.  But we don't just teach kiteboarding through our private and semiprivate kiteboarding lessons, we have lesson programs for kite foiling surf foiling, too!  All lessons are jetski supported so your instructor is always ready to lend assistance, guidance, and encouragement.  


Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Private kiteboarding lessons are the best way to learn how to kiteboard.  When you book a private kiteboarding lesson at Force Kite and Wake in Charleston SC you have decades of experience on your side.  Your instructor is your personal kite liaison there to cater to your individual needs.  Charleston SC is uniquely qualified to give you the best kiteboarding lesson experience with sand bar sheltered areas that ensure flat and shallow water for the aspiring kiteboarder to learn how to be a kiteboarder.  While we are teaching you to kiteboard, your instructor will be right by your side.  When needed, we can motor you right back upwind to always be in the best and easiest location for learning.

Kiteboarding Lessons in Charleston SC

Semi-Private Kiteboarding Lessons

Semi-Private kiteboarding lessons in Charleston SC with Force Kite and Wake is a great way to share the cost of a fully jet ski supported kiteboarding lesson.  Your experienced kiteboard coach will teach you everything you need to become a kiteboarder.  Charleston's barrier islands provide the perfect venue for learning how to kiteboard.  Shallow flat water means kiteboarding is as easy as it could possible be.  Book a lesson now!

Private Kite Foiling and Foil Surfing Lessons

When you book a Private Foil lesson for kite foiling or surf foiling in Charleston SC at Force Kite and Wake, you're already on the path to becoming a foiler.  Charleston SC has great and unique opportunities for foiling with lots of beautiful uncrowded creeks just off the inter-coastal waterway where you'll learn how to ride the foil through our progressive curriculum that gets you foiling fast.  When you're ready you'll start learning with a kite or alternatively, in the offshore waves that roll in at the sandbars.  It's amazing fun in Charleston!

Semi-Private Kite Foiling and Surf Foiling Lessons

If you've ever wanted to try foiling in Charleston South Carolina, Force Kite and Wake is the place to do it.  In just an hour, you and a friend can feel the sensation that has thousands of people raving.  Your Foiling coach will take you to one of Charleston's secret spots where you will experience foiling, kite foiling, or surf foiling at its finest!  Our Semi-Private Kite Foiling and Surf Foiling Lessons will take you from Kiteboarding with a foil first timer to certified addict in need of intervention. 

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