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North Kiteboarding and Duotone Kiteboarding

North Kiteboarding and Duotone Kiteboarding

There has been some confusion about what happened to North Kiteboarding.  North is one of the most respected and sought after kiteboarding brands, so what's up with Duotone?  Well, it's simply nothing more than a rebranding.  North Kiteboarding has changed its name to Duotone.  It's still under the same ownership, it still makes the same kites and kiteboards, control bars and surfboards and foot straps and foils and foil boards.  In fact, the products themselves still carry the same names; Evo, Neo, Dice, Vegas, Gambler, Jaime, Select, Spike etc...  Here are some examples.


North Dice vs Duotone Dice

The 2018 North Dice and the 2019 Duotone Dice are essentially still the same kite but with the Duotone being the latest iteration of the model.  Only minor and normal changes have been made.  It's still the kite you love but under a different Brand name. 

North Rebel vs Duotone Rebel

North Evo vs Duotone Evo

All of the high-quality craftsmanship and designs remain intact. The warranties are the same, the manufacturing excellence is the same, and the riders are the same.   The only things that have changes are the year and the Brand name.  Here are some of the boards compared.

North Team Series vs Duotone Team Series

North Spike vs Duotone Spike

North Jaime vs Duotone Jaime


North Kiteboarding's quality construction is Duotone's quality construction.  There is no difference but the name.  If you were a fan of North, you'll be a fan of Duotone.  The control bars are the same, too.  The North Trust bar and Click bar are the same, too.  

North Trust Bar vs Duotone Trust Bar

North Click Bar vs Duotone Click Bar

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