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3 Reasons to used a wing foil harness

3 Reasons to used a wing foil harness

The age-old question no one have ever ask. Why do you need a wing harness you? Well, we are here to answer a question you might want to know. The answer is “WHY NOT?” The wing harness has a lot of upside with little downside for any winger. Here is 3 reason why you should get a waist harness. 


1.  Allow your arm to rest or adjusting hand position

The wing harness could make your session a little longer when you get to rest one of your arms when you are tacking back upwind. The wing harnesses could maximized your time on the water you could rest and stay out longer on the water to practice your tricks or just surfing those swells out there. Make changing hand position a breeze when you can hook your wing to your harness

Introducing Ride Engine's Vinaka V1 Wing Harness - The Kiteboarder Magazine


2.  Attached board leash to harness

Some rider hates the noise of the leash slapping in the water, or the drag the leash creates in the water. Attaching your board leash to your harness alleviate all that problem. Now you could enjoy listening to the glory of the silence, and the extra speed. 

ION Wing/SUP Leash Core Coiled Hip Safety - Wing Foiling | H2O Sports | H2O  Sports 

3.   Attach to wing to harness

Getting out past waves under tricky condition could be much easier when you have both hands. Waist wing leash has become more popular to free up both hand when you are paddling out past waves. It also prevents a lot of force on your wrist and shoulder should the wing getting caught on a wave.

Cabrinha Mantis V2 Wing


Lets us know what you think. 


Here are some great wing foil harness

Ride Engine VinakaRide engine vinaka


Mystic Wingman

Dakine SoloDakine solo

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